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What to Wear/Equipment to Bring:
warm, insulated boots
wool or polypropylene pullover
polypropylene or fleece turtlenecks
winter parka with hood
wind shell
sunglasses AND ski goggles (bring both)
wool hat
neck gator
insulated mittens AND gloves (bring both)
face mask, scarf, or bandana
insulated all-weather pants (Gortex)
fleece or pile pants
wind/waterproof pants
2 pairs of polypropylene/thermal long underwear
4 pairs of wool and/or polypropylene socks
thin polypropylene sock liners
ski gators
small pack to go on the sled (for camera, film, water bottle, sunscreen, extra gloves/mittens)
camera and film
water bottle

For overnight trips add:
pair of down booties/moccasins for the yurt
small duffle/pack with personal items (tolietries, small flashlight, extra socks, additional clothing)
overnight personal items